“To my surprise, it has been blissful!,” said Kishore Deshraj, an IT professional living in Kanakapura Road. He always thought apartment living would be claustrophobic to say the least, having grown up in an independent house. However, his perception changed after moving away from home. His ambitions now favor a spacious apartment as makes his way out of his 2 BHK flat to scout for 3 bhk apartments in Yelachenahalli.

Kishore isn’t an exception. People are increasingly warming up to investing, living, and raising families in apartments. The next great milestone in life after a great job isn’t limited to bungalows, villas or duplexes anymore. According to the top builders in Bangalore, while social status and financial security is still measured by the square feet to their name, people don’t necessarily want their signatures claiming the ground floor to the terrace; an apartment on the tenth floor, with ample space and natural light illuminating every corner, does it. So, what is making people favor apartments?

Listed below are ten reasons why apartment living is most preferred:


Apartments are less expensive than independent houses, irrespective of whether you’re looking to buy or rent. This makes it a more accessible and viable option for the majority of the people. Especially for first time homeowners, apartments can be a good way to kick start their independent life. However, infrastructure companies in Bangalore have noticed a trend where people are inclined to buy 2 apartments as opposed to buying one house.

2.Low Maintenance

Living in a house comes with an array of additional responsibilities. A big advantage with living in apartments is the limited maintenance that comes with it. The difference between the two is as simple as; do it yourself (with houses) or have it done for you (with apartments). Most apartment complexes have designated in-house maintenance teams to take care of the property. This proves very beneficial for working professionals who might not have the free time required for the day-to-day upkeep.

3.Supports Budget Living

With worry free maintenance also comes a lower cost of living. Residents do not need to incur the burden of hefty maintenance charges. Additionally, apartments roll out lower utility bills. The amount you’re likely to spend on water, gas, electricity, parking etc will be considerably less as compared to what you’d have to pay living in a house.

4.More Amenities

Along with lower maintenance cost and affordable cost of living, apartment living offers a longer list of amenities as compared to individual housing. Apartment complexes come equipped with gyms, swimming pools, community halls, medical stores, supermarkets, play areas, parks and many more, that encourage community building and add to the quality of life. Since these facilities are shared, the cost again is much lower than what you will have to shell out if you want them in a house.

5.Convenience and Connectivity

Top construction companies in Bangalore state that, when looking for apartments to buy in Bangalore, the location and connectivity ranks highest among the priorities. And this isn’t just limited to those buying, even tenants look for flats that are well connected to their offices, schools, hospitals, and recreational spots. Apartment developers take into consideration these criteria and ensure that the properties have the convenience of connectivity.

6.Increased Security

Apart from social and psychological assurance, apartment buildings have more security. Even with gated communities, independent houses are more susceptible to breach of security as compared to apartment complexes. There are several guarded entry points before even reaching your apartment door. Additionally, they are under surveillance round the clock that offers more safety for the residents.

7.More Flexibility

Apartment building contractors affirm that apartment living offers more flexibility in terms of renovation projects. It is easier to break, build or mend a flat as compared to a house. It is considerably cheaper, giving residents more wriggle room in their budget to do up their homes. Also, it is easier for people to move out to a newer location since they can rent out their flats easily.

8.Community Life

Apartment living offers the joys of a community life. It is easier to establish relations as you live in a close-knit circle and interact with your neighbors more often. Festivities scale up with the shared celebrations. Every age group can enjoy the company of their peers. Children always have playmates, and senior folks are never bored as they find companions for their evening strolls. The connections that thrive in these well round circles build a sense of security and acceptance can be very reassuring.

9.Higher Rental Opportunities

With all the above advantages and convenience that apartment living has to offer, owners find higher rental opportunities. According to Sb Urbanscapes constructions, the percentage of people looking to rent apartments as opposed to individual houses is much higher.

10.A Better View

If cost, convenience, and connectivity aren’t the only factors guiding your living situation, an upgrade in social status is what you seek. There are several apartment communities that embody the luxurious and exclusive lifestyle that will take you a step ahead in the status strata. With world class amenities and superior infrastructure, some of the premium apartment properties offer all the benefits of apartment living with an even better view.

Your home is a manifestation of your lifestyle, goals, expectations, and aspirations in life. That is why people seeking carefree, convenient, well connected, community lives are more inclined towards apartment living.